In possibly my favourite story of the week, apparently Jane Austen is going to throw down in a new video game called Word Fighter.

Instead of using conventional fight-game methods, the character will cut down her enemies using the power of words.

Inspired by Boggle, Scrabble, Words With Friends and Super Puzzle Fighter, the object of the game is for players, as famous authors personified by their literary works, to spell words quickly on separate tile grids. The better the word — based on length and letter value — the more damage you do to your opponent. Special power-ups like attack multipliers and tile shufflers are added to the mix, so it can be anybody’s game. Players will be able to battle each other locally or online in real-time, and the developers even plan to have cross-platform play, which means iOS users will be able to battle against their Android friends. (Source: Forbes blog)

It sounds like a great way to increase vocabulary at the same time as having fun (and feeling superior to your friends when you beat them). The game will be available later this year, and I for one cannot wait.

Image: Feel Every Yummy