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Dutch (Flemish) Language Sample

Translation The Belgian EU presidency has many faces. Indeed, it is not only the national ministers but also the ministers of the federated states who can chair European Councils or represent Belgium. A challenge and also an opportunity Flanders will seize with both hands in order to highlight the decisiveness of regions in Europe. The presidency has tremendous political implications: Flanders hopes to be able to place a number of themes on the European agenda, to throw a spotlight on the status and the dynamism of federated states with legislative powers in the EU, and to enhance Flanders' profile in Europe. The EU presidency is also featured as a government of Flanders' priority in the coalition agreement. It is important for the Flemish people to meet this challenge with enthusiasm, to adopt an outward looking attitude towards "Europe" and to recognise the EU's importance in our society.
Statistics Belgium (5,640,150) - Total (5,640,150)
Classification Indo-European | Germanic

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