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Individual Courses

One to one

Looking to learn conversational Spanish in a private, one-to-one setting?  The instructors who work with Language Museum are among the best in the world at providing comprehensive Spanish training on a budget.  Meeting regularly with a trained Spanish instructor, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up the language!

Two to one

Language Museum offers two-to-one courses in Spanish at a number of different points throughout the United Kingdom.  These programs provide two-person groups a chance to learn Spanish in a fun, co-operative environment.  Approved Language Museum instructors work closely with both individuals to make sure all their language learning goals are being met.

Group Courses

Spanish is a language where the more you use it, the better you get.  Language Museum offers groups of 4 to 12 people a chance to meet regularly with an instructor to learn Spanish and use the classroom to expand their conversational knowledge of the language.  And it’s a great bargain too!

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“German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success.  I signed up with a friend for a LM Languages course in my area determined to give it one more chance.   Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!”

Marhsall J.

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