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With Language Museum I got so much for my money. I’ve come so far in such a short time, and the more I practice the faster I continue to improve.

Richard J.

English Student, London

True story: I was up for a promotion and I learned that the job would take me to France three or four times a year. So I took a personal course from the Language Museum in French and was able to show off my skills at the interview. Got the position in no small part because of the skills I learned at Language Museum.

Gary D.

French Student, Leeds

German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success. I signed up with a friend for a Language Museum course in my area determined to give it one more chance. Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!

Marhsall J.

German Student, Luton

As a student it’s hard to afford expensive language classes. Now, after learning Italian and German from the Language Museum, I wonder why people pay that much EVER. I am on a student’s budget and I still learned two completely new languages.

Stacy W.

Italian Student, Derby

When you arrive in new country, things can be scary. I was fresh off the boat in London and didn’t know a soul. Language Museum helped me find an English course that I could afford, which allowed me to find a job and now…this letter is well-written, am I correct?

Jamir N.

English Student, London

My wife and I were planning a big holiday for our 20th anniversary. Language Museum helped us brush up on our languages for all our destinations…and even learn a few new ones, such as Italian and German, as well!

Peter G.

German Student, London

I always wanted to learn Spanish, as many of my colleagues speak the language, but there were never any good courses around my flat or place of work. I took a look at Language Museum and found several class options with a mile of where I live. I signed up for Spanish instruction and learned a great deal very fast.

Alice L.

Spanish Student, Leeds

We just opened a new branch in Milan, and I needed to send over a number of people to train new employees. We arranged for a Group Course in Italian from Language Museum and everyone was speaking basic Italian in just a matter of a few weeks. It was a great team building exercise as well.

Tony F.

Italian Student, London

I was falling behind in my language courses at university and was beginning to feel as if I would never catch up. Then I found Language Museum. I took their Italian course in concert with my studies and it made an incredible difference. The things I am learning at school just seem to “stick” more now that I am also receiving an education from Language Museum.

Billy Y.

Italian Student, Oxford

I thought I was too old to learn a new language. But look at me now – I am 65 and after several months at Language Museum (attending classes with a friend) I can speak fluent Spanish! My girlfriends and I just got back from a trip to Barcelona which was made so much more enjoyable because I knew the language. Thank you so much Language Museum – I will be back!-

Mary F.

Spanish Student, Liverpool

We enjoyed the course and I think we definitely have enough to make it easier when we get to South America. The lessons were good, it was useful to listen to a proper Spanish speaker...and really convenient to have the lessons at our flat.

J. Dunn

Spanish Student

The Spanish lessons went really well and I thought I progressed more than I expected to. I would definitely have classes with Alejandra again

Anne-Marie H.

Spanish Student

I really enjoyed the course - it was very helpful and productive for me. Nina is an excellent tutor and is really good to work with. She tailored the course to meet my needs and I definitely made good progress. She has laid the foundations for me to able to master your wonderful language, finally! This in turn will help me to enjoy the great deal of time I spend in Germany even more.

Stephen K.

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“German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success.  I signed up with a friend for a LM Languages course in my area determined to give it one more chance.   Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!”

Marhsall J.

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