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LM Languages is unlike any other language course site on the web. We are the only site that offers great value, no-frills personal language teaching in and around the United Kingdom and USA. With LM Languages you'll get a native speaker teaching you the language you need to know, with lessons taking place at your home or place of work or in a public place.

LM Languages gives you the chance to learn a new language whether you need lessons in Spanish, French, German, Italian, or English. Brush up on your existing knowledge or start afresh, all at the most competitive rates on the market. It's a great choice for those who want to see the world and get more out of the experience, but don't want to spend a fortune.

About LM Languages

The owners of LM Languages have vast experience in providing language courses to students of all levels of knowledge. We originally set up this site as a language encyclopaedia but the amount of interest which it has generated has persuaded us to give it a change of direction.

It became clear to us that there is a huge demand for language lessons and information on the internet, as more and more people choose to expand their linguistic horizons. By using our skills and experience we can offer a tailor made service which fits this market perfectly and allows you to learn in the way which best suits you.

You can still use our valuable encyclopaedia service of course, but there is now a lot more to LM Languages than just that.

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“German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success.  I signed up with a friend for a LM Languages course in my area determined to give it one more chance.   Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!”

Marhsall J.

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