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Individual Courses

One to one

Language Museum offers one-to-one courses in conversational German throughout the United Kingdom.   Expert instructors work patiently with you as you move from basic words and phrases, right up to complex elements of conversation and comprehension.    The private courses at Language Museum are competitively priced and provide great value when compared to other language programs.

Two to one

Looking to save even more money on your German instruction?  Language Museum offers Two-to-One German instruction throughout England.   These courses allow you to bring a friend along on your German adventure – and learn the language together in a private setting.  Two-to-one German courses are also ideal for businesses partners who need to the language in order to stay competitive in their chosen industry.

Group Courses

For the most cost efficient way to learn German, get some people together and book a group language course.  Groups of 4 to 12 people can participate in these fun, highly effective German language programs.  Instructors are hand-selected by Language Museum for their knowledge of the German language and their ability to provide a top-notch classroom experience.

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“German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success.  I signed up with a friend for a LM Languages course in my area determined to give it one more chance.   Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!”

Marhsall J.

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