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Finding the most suitable teacher for your course should not be difficult as LM Languages has an abundance of teachers available in New York.

We are able to customize your course according to the number of students in your group and the total length of your lessons. All of our teachers are native-speakers of your chosen language of study; they also have extensive teaching experience.

How does it work?

Choose the perfect course for you

We will require that you confirm certain information once you have chosen your course from the list above: the desired start date, course level as well as the dates and times that will be most convenient for you.

We find you a great native teacher

Please understand that it will take a few days to get you started with your teacher As it depends upon your language and exact location in New York.

The instructor comes to your place to teach

The teacher will come to your home or office to deliver the lessons provided if you live or work close to the centre. If your home or work address is far from the centre then you will be required to have the lessons at the teacher's home or in a public location, like a quiet café or library.

3 simple steps to book your course

Select your location, and the language that you wish to learn.
Select the course duration, and whether you want a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 course.
Fill in the booking form, and make the payment using PayPal

About New York

New York City is America’s original melting pot – many immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries passed through Ellis Island, in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty. An iconic, fast-paced city, New York is home to traditional areas of ethnic population such as Chinatown, Little Korea and Little Italy. The most populous city in America since 1790, today around 170 languages are spoken in this city of more than 8 million people, with over a third of the population born outside the United States. It’s no wonder New York City plays host to the United Nations. Big in all respects, it is estimated that New York City controlled 40% of the world’s finances at the end of 2008, making it a major center for insurance, real estate and finance as well as one of three global “command centers” for the world’s economy.

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“German is a very challenging language to learn - and I had tried repeatedly to master it…without much success.  I signed up with a friend for a LM Languages course in my area determined to give it one more chance.   Six weeks later, I had finally broken through and am now on my way to full fluency in German!”

Marhsall J.

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