A new study has revealed the most common mistakes made by British holidaymakers when they attempt to speak a foreign language.

The Greek word for “good morning” – “kalimera” – bears a resemblance to “calimari”, while “Je suis plein” means “I am full” in French, but when mispronounced as “pleine”, translates as “I am pregnant”.

… Other mistakes include one holidaymaker who asked for her “head baked Al Forno” when trying to obtain a hairdryer. (Source: Telegraph)

The study was carried out by a self-catering operator and also included the interesting information that 95% of Britons would attempt to speak the local language whilst abroad. I wonder how they got this statistic though – most holidaymakers would probably say they try and speak the language, but I can’t imagine that many really do. And what constitutes an ‘attempt’ – saying hola to the hotel receptionist every day? Or something more complex like asking for directions? More information please!