An interesting new way of communicating and making decisions in groups was used at the recent protests in London.

Consensus-based decision-making involves using a range of silent gestures to communicate. Some common gestures are:

1. Raised hands waggling: ‘I agree’
2. Lowered hands waggling: ‘I disagree’
3. One fist raised: ‘I’d like to speak’
3. Fists raised: ‘I need to speak urgently’
4. T-sign: ‘I’d like to raise a technical point’
5. Rolling arms: ‘I’m bored’

Participants are supposed to be honest, and it’s an inclusive form of decision-making. The only drawback is that because everyone has to agree, making a decision can take a long time! You can seen a picture of the gestures at this Guardian article.

Have you tried consensus-based decision making?