Cussing not allowedRecently in Los Angeles County, the county supervisor decided to proclaim a No Cussing Week.

This follows on from the success of McKay Hatch, a 14 year old who started a “No Cussing Club” at his middle school a couple of years ago – he’s even appeared on “Dr. Phil”. As someone who swears reasonably frequently and with some pleasure, I was amazed at this, along with a quick search that revealed there’s an organisation called the “Cuss Control Academy“, whose two stated purposes are:

1. To increase awareness of the negative impact bad language has on society and on individuals who swear too frequently or inappropriately.

2. To help individuals and groups eliminate or reduce their use of profanity, vulgarity and offensive slang.

The organisation has even printed a book to out those who wish to rid themselves of their foul mouth. Personally, I disagree with their purposes. I think most adults have enough control to know that cussing has a time and a place, and the idea that it’s somehow responsible for the destruction of the moral fabric of society is perhaps a little farfetched.

Luckily for those in LA County though, the supervisor’s spokesman says No Cussing Week “[Is] not enforceable. It’s like Breast Cancer Awareness Week. We want to remind people about their choice of words. Use different language — be kind; be civil.”

And that I think we can all agree with.