Twitter-related words are in the news again, with new additions to the Collins English Dictionary.

New ones for this year are “tweetheart” (“someone who uses Twitter a lot and is admired by the community”), “retweet” and “tweet-out”.
Popular culture also makes its mark in the form of “simples!”, the catchphrase of a meerkat from TV ads for a price comparison website and iPad, the new Apple gadget.

In politics, Con-Lib, Con-Dem and Lib-Con made the cut, along with the prime minister’s contribution “broken society”.

Elaine Higgleton, editorial director of Collins English Dictionaries, said: ‘The popularity of television, advertising, and the phenomena of celebrity continues to be a predominant preoccupation with the British public.

‘Never far from the headlines, it is unsurprising that a barrage of media has infiltrated the minds of the UK – to the point where coined words BGT, simples! and fauxmance have been warranted inclusion within the Collins English Dictionary.’ (Source: Metro)

Other new words include “funemployment” (where someone is enjoying being unemployed) and “fauxmance” – a fictitious romance between two celebrities.