The Globe Theatre will be staging all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays in a different language in 2012.

Part of the wider celebrations in the UK to mark the 2012 London Olympics, the plays will help mark the Cultural Olympiad. Theatre companies from around the world will be asked to participate, and confirmed productions include King Lear in Aboriginal languages, The Tempest in Arabic, Julius Caesar in Italian and The Taming of the Shrew in Urdu as well as a performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost in British sign language.

The artistic director of the Globe, Dominic Dromgoole said:

“It has long been recognised that Shakespeare, as well as a great playwright, has become an international language and has proved one of the most life-affirming and barrier-transcending ways that people can speak to one another.

“His plays have been translated into every major living language and there is a long tradition of Shakespeare performances around the world in people’s own vernacular.

“During the course of these six weeks, the Globe will create an international Shakespeare community in the heart of London.” (Source: Telegraph)

What a fantastic project!