Newspapers are a part of a lot of people’s daily lives – they’re how we know what’s going on in the world, whether you read them in print or online.

But have you ever thought about the name of the newspaper you’re reading? British national newspapers include The Mirror, The Sun, the Guardian and The Telegraph. Of these, perhaps only the Guardian (implying protection for the public against misinformation) and The Telegraph (a telegraph was a way to convey signals) make sense.

Someone at BBC News had their interest in newspaper names piqued by the launch of The Daily, the iPad-only new paper from NewsCorp. The list of strange newspaper names the public have submitted makes for interesting reading – here are some of my favourites:

2. My favourite is from a small town near the Missouri state capital, Linn. Their paper is the Unterrified Democrat.
Janet Breid, Columbia, Missouri, US

8. My favourite newspaper title is in Broken Hill, Australia – the Barrier Daily Truth. Could there be a better title for what a newspaper is supposed to do – tell the truth?
Roger Stonebanks, Victoria, Canada

23. The strangest newspaper name in Oxfordshire has to be the Banbury Cake. It’s bizarrely inappropriate, but wonderfully memorable. I can’t decide whether it’s the work of a complete lunatic or a marketing genius.
Anonymous, Oxfordshire, UK