From the decline of languages in my last post we move onto to the thriving language of Arabic. According to the website Chief Marketer businesses should ensure that they cater content to an Arabic speaking audience as the language is quickly becoming a major player on the internet.

Recent research from Common Sense Advisory on the size and economic opportunity of online language populations shows that Arabic has surpassed Russian, French, and German in total online population. The language now ranks #11 in share of online spending potential, notching the fastest growth between 2011 and 2012.

Although writing content in Arabic is clearly a good choice for businesses, it is a choice many businesses are not making. Arabic is ‘the most underserved language on top global websites around the world’. As many businesses are not tapping into this audience it makes even more business sense to cater to an Arabic audience as there is less competition. If we look to the future it seems unlikely that Arabic will remain ‘underserved’.

via: Chief Marketer